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Modern Income Portfolio (MIP):

Built For Today’s Investor And Today’s Markets

As a self-described “investing lifer,” Rob has seen the investment research and publishing business from a wide variety of angles since starting his career in 1986. After managing money for advisory clients and his own family for decades, Rob decided to focus his work on investors who manage their own money. does this by focusing on solving the most critical investment issue of this generation: how to produce reliable, regular cash flow from a portfolio. 

Rob’s solution: the Modern Income Portfolio, which combines his 2 most tenured investment strategies into one cohesive, structured investment system. subscribers have 2 ways to use this research service:

Follow Rob’s model portfolios he runs for his own money, and trade what he trades when he trades it


Use our service as a research tool and guide to make your own ultimate trading decisions

So Many Choices, So Little Time!

Investors have many choices…too many. Day-trading programs, swing-trading systems, stock newsletters, covered-call-writing, other “sexy” option strategies, and “stock tips and tricks” coming at them from everywhere. BUT…

…there was nothing out there that could do these 3 things:

By doing that, we aim to help people get off the frustrating merry-go-round of hopping from one “hot” investment newsletter or online service to another.

We teach you to invest like we are taught to drive

Student driver sign on top of car at stoplight

At Modern Income Investor, we believe in investing the way we are taught to drive: defensively. But that doesn’t mean you give up potential returns. It just means you can reduce the risk of having to one day climb out of a big hole the markets caused in your portfolio!

As in driving, the Modern Income Portfolio aims to reach the destination safely, without accidents. With the strategy’s roots dating back to the late 1990s, this systematic, disciplined investment approach aims to solve THE major investment issue of our time: replacing what bonds used to do, but no longer can. “MIP” does this without resorting to annuities or opaque, illiquid strategies. 

It’s a tactical, daily-liquid portfolio of ETFs, driven by the time-tested, proprietary research process created and deployed by Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Publishing for 3 decades.

8 Things You Should Know

About the Modern Income Portfolio

using a proprietary approach developed over the past 3 decades, and applied across billions of dollars of assets since the 1990s.

specifically designed for investors who want to use their portfolio to produce regular cash flow, at a time when traditional approaches to doing that (bonds, dividend stocks, equity income funds, balanced portfolios) are not delivering that like they used to.

spin off regular distributions from portfolio profits, while keeping principal amount intact. Like corporate bonds and dividend stocks used to do, but no longer can in today’s stock market and interest rate environment.

a combination of 2 models run a substantially-similar approach for since 2012, with roots dating back to the Dot-Com Bubble era.

chosen from a defined, widely-diverse universe of 101 ETFs

for consistency and low volatility, not stress

track a universe of 101 ETFs

  • with a documented history of doing just that


* is not intended to provide any personal investment advice to Subscribers. We do not offer or possess the capability to determine the suitability, benefit, or risk of any aspect of our service for subscribers.

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MII and the Trader World.

Modern Income Investor advantage trade can access their mobile trading system via any desktop and mobile browser, user friendly and reliable.

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