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If you are a licensed financial advisor, Family Office, or institutional investor, and want to access the Modern Income Investor’s Platinum Service Tier plus additional features designed specifically for such entities, click here to set up a meeting with Rob Isbitts.

Here’s a brief description of some key features of each membership level.

provides the full experience, the most comprehensive set of tools and research, and is the “full Monty” of Modern Income Portfolio intelligence. It includes Rob’s full 7×7 model portfolio (7 ETF holdings, each one chosen from a thoroughly-researched group of 7 different ETFs, and designed for maximum investment flexibility). Platinum members also qualify for live chat sessions with Rob, Kate and our team, and our weekly group coaching sessions. There’s also a community forum, where you can exchange ideas with other Modern Investment Portfolio members. In this era of sensationalized investing and fly-by-night market pundits, we think Platinum membership is a pretty unique club!

provides you with everything in the Silver membership, plus a more sophisticated 4×4 ETF model (4 ETF holdings, each one representing our current choice among 4 different ETFs we consider to fill each portfolio “slot”). Gold members also get Rob’s popular Investment Climate Indicator (ICI) which summarizes the macro market risk picture. The ICI has been tracked back over 20 years, and has been a very accurate indicator of general investment market health. Gold membership also includes the S&P X-Ray, which is Rob’s current trading range outlook for the S&P 500 Index, over 3 different time frames.

is designed to introduce you to the basics of the investment system Rob Isbitts built, evolved and applied professionally since the 1990s. Highlights include  the ROAR (Reward Opportunity & Risk) Score, which summarizes our bottom-line overall portfolio positioning, updated weekly. You also get “Market in a Minute,” Rob’s blunt, to the point, most current observations about global markets, economic conditions and most importantly, an assessment of market risk. There’s also a bottom-line, big-picture, 2-ETF portfolio allocation between stocks and cash, affectionately known as our “2×2 model.”

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