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Today’s investment markets aren’t just more complex than they were in the past. The way to navigate them has completely changed. Rather than rely on the “same old” methods that worked in the past, but don’t work anymore, we offer something different: a time-tested process to take the wealth you have built, and use it to produce regular cash flow, without having to take huge risks. Whether you seek to create a retirement income stream, extra income, or just have a more stable part of your portfolio that bonds used to provide (but don’t anymore), we think you will find Modern Income Portfolio investing to be very refreshing in a world of Wall Street sameness!

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Finally a Modern Approach to Investing.

If you’re like most investors, you focus mainly on the stocks in your portfolio. But bonds traditionally played an important role: Generating income during any market cycle, no matter how stocks performed. Bonds can’t do this!

But now we see: Bonds no longer do that. Annuities claim to, but they force you to give up liquidity and the fees can bleed you dry!

Not your typical 60/40 portfolio: The Modern Investment Portfolio has a documented history of success.

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Your time. Because life’s too short to waste any of it. Investors and traders alike have been looking for a way to balance the pursuit of portfolio profits they can put in their pocket and spend. Bonds used to do that, but not anymore. Annuities, high-yield bonds, dividend stocks, private investment vehicles and other so-called “solutions” are often pitched by Wall Street salespeople to replace what previous generations had: a bond portfolio that produced consistent, reliable income without bleeding principal.

So, after years of searching in the investment wilderness for a way to replace what bonds used to do, but no longer can, it’s about time someone came along with a true alternative. We did!

At, we are opening up the time-tested, straightforward investment system that has solved this problem for investors for the past decade. For the first time, we are putting that system directly in the hands of self-directed investors and traders. We invite you to learn from us, trade with us, and pursue regular portfolio profits with us…without taking the type of risks many research services have you take. Because life’s too short to worry about that inanimate object called “the market. And it’s about time someone did something about that!

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