What is Sungarden Investment Publishing (SIP)?
SIP is an investment research company, created to fill a huge gap we see in how people learn to invest

At Sungarden, we replace complexity, frustration and FOMO (fear of missing out) with a structure that inspires confidence.

Who is Rob Isbitts?
Rob created Sungarden (SIP) after a 30 year career as investment strategist and advisor, thought leader, and journalist.

He retired from the advisory business, selling his firm in 2020 to focus on delivering his expertise to a wider audience.

Why is SIP different?
Our motto: the markets tell us a story…we just have to listen!

Our mission: give investors the tools to be great listeners.

Our ETF Yourself service provides direct access to Rob’s latest thinking, and what he’s doing with his personal portfolio

Rob’s written articles and podcasts for several popular media outlets has made him a must-follow for serious investors

Where can I find Rob’s latest work?

ETF Yourself delivers investment market perspective, ETF research and model portfolios in a concise, easy-to-use format.

We take 120,000 hours of investing experience, and put it in your pocket.

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